Life is an Academy FAQ

Thanks for clicking this page! This here are some questions people probably have and my answers for them. Hopefully this helps resolve any confusion or wondering that you have!

Why was it called "The Academy" and why did you change it to "Life is an Academy?"

Honestly, this story went through so many changes since I first came up with it in 2010. The original draft was going to have the girls going through the police academy, then another draft was going to have Emily as the main character and her going through the academy to follow in Sawyer's footsteps. It felt more interesting to focus the story on Sawyer outside of an academy, but I really liked the title I had. I changed it to Life is an Academy, since they're constantly learning things about themselves and about the world we live in (and another bonus world after Demon Wings ends!). 

Why did you choose those titles?

The Academy came from the band The Academy Is... back when I was lame and in highschool, and Life is an Academy came from the game Life is Strange. Yep.

Why are there so many art variances in a lot of the pages?

The first three pages were drawn by my friend Elizabeth, and the rest were drawn by me. At first I was having trouble imitating her style, so it looks very different, but eventually I got it how I wanted it to look. Also in a few of the earlier pages, I had my friend Rin digitally line them and fix some of my mistakes, but after page 12, I did all the digitally lining myself. 

I think I remember seeing some old pages for The Academy that were way different... What was up with that?

I went through about three drafts before keeping this storyline. The original pages were very different, art-wise, and I changed the story and dialogue quite a bit. I also got rid of some old characters that weren't important to the story line, including Alex and Raive. 

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